In-Wall Speakers for a Home Theater System in Battle Ground, WA

I received a request today to fish some speaker wiring up a wall in Battle Ground, WA. The homeowner had already pulled the wires to the location where the speakers were going to go, however, he just drilled a hole in the floor and poked them out of the floor rather than bringing them up to the location on the wall. That’s why he called me. As I was looking at the situation, I realized that the area where the home theater was at was not in the center of the room. It was off to one side. This meant that if the in-wall speakers were installed where the homeowner originally wanted, the left speaker would be blasting the viewers in the side of the head and the right speaker would be 20 ft away and hardly noticed. The available wall space severely limited where we could put the speakers and it didn’t look like it would work very well with the speaker being mounted in the walls. So, I suggested that we do a ceiling mount application. There were no obstructions in the ceiling and we could get them almost exactly the same distance from center. This was the option that ultimately worked. I was able to fish the wires through the joist bay in the ceiling without having to cut any additional access holes, and was even able to reuse the wire that the homeowner had originally run through the crawl space. Once the painters get done and those speakers go in, I hope I get to see that home theater system in action. It will definitely put out some impressive sound.