electrician Electric Standby Generators Vancouver, WA

This generator is a home standby generator used to power an entire house when the power goes out.  It is set up on an automatic transfer switch which will sense a power loss and automatically start the generator, switch the house over to generator power, and back again when power is restored.  These systems usually operate on natural gas or propane but can be diesel powered also.

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Standby Generators

The smallest automatic standby generators are usually rated at 7kw or 8kw and cost around $2,000.00 for the unit.  The air-cooled generator class is the most economical type of standby generator due to the simplicity of the system.  Air-cooled generators usually go up to 20kw and will cost up to $3,000.00 or $4,000.00 for the unit depending on the brand and features.

The liquid-cooled class have a range of 22kw up to around 600kw and are usually used for commercial applications or very large homes.  These generators usually start around $8,000.00 and up.  They have a full cooling system just like an automobile with a radiator, water pump, oil cooler, etc.

When there is a need for prime power – when the generator will be supplying the primary power for a building or complex – a diesel generator is the most reliable choice.  Diesel generators come in all sizes and price ranges, usually quite a bit higher than their gas-powered counterparts, and are very reliable, long-lasting generators.

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