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Monthly Archives: July 2011

In-Wall Speakers for a Home Theater System in Battle Ground, WA

I received a request today to fish some speaker wiring up a wall in Battle Ground, WA. The homeowner had already pulled the wires to the location where the speakers were going to go, however, he just drilled a hole … Continue reading

Subpanel With Crispy Breakers

Today I had a call to look at a subpanel that fed a pool and it’s equipment. The customer gave me a story covering a span of about three years which ultimately ended up in the breaker for his pool … Continue reading

Residential Troubleshooting

Today I had a request to restore power to a washing machine circuit. The homeowner knew that the washing machine was not working and knew that there was no power at the outlet but did not know why. After troubleshooting … Continue reading

Electrical Work Done at a Marina

The marina we worked at today have ramps going from the docks to the parking lot. These ramps have garbage facilities and mailboxes at the top and people will wait there if someone is coming up or down the ramp. … Continue reading